We are committed to national impact through sustainable power.

Who We Are

In 2008, when India was going through an acute countrywide power shortage, IL&FS Energy Development Company Limited (IEDCL) was set up to develop, own and operate power generation and transmission assets across the country. The Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) Group had been providing project advisory to half a dozen state governments in the power sector since 2003. Backed by the group’s vision and expertise, we have, over the last decade, implemented projects of national significance, with a particular focus on sustainability and renewable energy.

IL&FS Energy has a portfolio spread across power sectors, from solar, wind and biomass to natural gas and coal, with proven expertise covering generation, transmission and distribution. With geographically diversified projects, we have a pan-India presence.

Clean Energy

India is running one of the largest, most ambitious renewable energy expansion programmes in the world today. We are proud to have been a significant partner in this journey — from being the first to roll out large wind farms across all the seven wind states, to promoting the lowest solar tariffs India has seen to date.

Today, IEDCL is one of the top few wind IPPs in the country, with the capacity to significantly expand its footprint further. In a joint venture with the Government of Rajasthan, we are creating what will be the largest solar park in the world. Even IEDCL’s major thermal power station in Cuddalore was built around pioneering environmental standards that later became benchmarks for national regulations. We have also completed a number of biomass energy projects, and helped make power consumption more sustainable in some of India’s biggest cities.

IEDCL has worked closely with government and various trade forums to make India’s renewable energy policy robust and scalable. With frameworks to attract private investment to the sector, we have helped several state governments to expand their renewable energy footprint through PPP projects in power generation, transmission and distribution.

Big Impact

Through collaboration with government, IEDCL is committed to taking on challenging projects that create national impact. Whether it is a groundbreaking collaboration with ONGC in Tripura, which has brought investments of over Rs 140 billion to the North-East, or a cross-border transmission project that is strengthening Indo-Nepal ties, we have always sought to create a positive change in the big-picture narrative.

Projects like these are formidable to materialise. They discourage both government agencies and private players for decades because of their poor bankability and the complex structuring and development efforts involved. As an IL&FS company, we have a unique, comprehensive set of skills and resources, along with the grit and long range vision required to tackle such challenges. IEDCL also takes pride in proactively contributing to the formulation of power sector policies in India.

In the IL&FS ethos, creating an impact also means bettering lives at the individual and community level. Social inclusion lies at the heart of our project development framework, and local communities around every project are actively empowered through a variety of initiatives.

Expertise Across the Board

We have demonstrable in-house expertise across the full gamut of the project development and management cycle, including: project conceptualisation; development; appraisal; contractual arrangements; financial closure; project / programme / construction management; operation & maintenance consultancy.

We can further draw upon the expertise of other IL&FS group companies to deliver robust and sustainable energy solutions to a variety of clients in a wide range of contexts. We use all these strengths to provide advisory services to central and state governments, large public sector companies, as well as private sector clients.